RS-45 Refrigerant, For Flooded/Recirc/DX Systems

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For R22 replacement in medium and low temperature applications and in chillers with flooded/recirc. evaporators with saturated suction temperature of 19ºF and below, such as ice rinks, cold storage, chemical plant process cooling and more.

RS-45 advantages:

  • Capacity: RS-45 (R434a) is unique in being a capacity match for R22 across the range of applications where R22 is commonly found. No other refrigerant mirrors the capacity of R22 at low temperature (-31 F/ -35 C evap) and high temperature (+45 F/ +7 C evap).
  • Coefficient Of Performance: RS-45 (R434a) has a Coefficient Of Performance (COP)which matches R22 .
  • Glide: RS-45 is a near azeotropic blend with a very low glide of 1.5 C mking it the best alternative in R22 flooded/Recirc. evaporators/systems.
  • Compression Ratio: RS-45 has a compression ratio which matches R22 across the range of applications where R22 is commonly found.
  • Lubricants: RS-45 is suitable with mineral oil ( MO), alkylbenzene (AB) and synthetic oils like polyolester (POE) and polyalkyglycol (PAG) oils. The ability to use mineral oil both reduces cost and avoids the use of hygoscopic synthetic oils which can absorb moisture during maintenance and leaks. POE oil also compromises seals and gaskets resulting in leaks.
  • Other RS-45 Attributes: Non-flammable, Zero ODP, similar discharge pressure as R22 and considerably lower discharge temperature than R22; which provides significant operating benefits including a much lower risk of oil degradation.