RS-50 (R442a) Refrigerant, R404a & R507 Replacement

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For systems using R404

RS-50 (R-442A) refrigerant is compliant with the new European regulations due to its low global warming potential (GWP). At a GWP of 1888, RS-50 is less than 50% compared to R-404A and R-507. Additional advantages when compared to R-507, R-404A and the other HFC solutions currently on the market are:

  • RS-50 has up to 30% higher cooling capacity compared to R404a
  • RS-50 offers a much better coefficient of performance (COP) at low temperatures
  • The heat exchangers have better heat transfer, reducing the operating time
  • of the compressors
  • Energy savings from RS-50 lead to quick return of investment
  • Current system owners have already seen energy savings of approximately 25%

The systems that were originally designed for or converted to the refrigerants R-404A, R-507, R-407F, R-407A, can easily be replaced by RS-50, with no important modifications necessary. This is a “drop-in” direct conversion, without changing the type of oil or any of the main components. The only modifications necessary are:

  • Adapting the temperature of the set points to RS-50
  • Changing the aperture of the expanson valves, due to mass flow of RS-50 being 40% lower than R404A